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AHRQ’s potential move to the NIH could strengthen its

Tucked within the Trump administration’s 2018 HHS budget is a proposal that could be easy to miss. A short sentence repeated a few times throughout the budget calls for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to be consolidated into the National Institutes of Health. Health policy experts say that […]

5 ways to accelerate healthcare innovation and delivery system reform

Innovations could help produce a more efficient and effective healthcare delivery system but only if the industry creates conditions that allow new models to thrive and clear a pathway to spread and scale reforms. That’s the underlying message of a new report, “Accelerating Innovation in Health Care: Five Game-Changing Ideas […]

Pa. House passes bill to reimburse ambulance companies

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The state House this week approved legislation that would require insurance companies to reimburse ambulance companies when patients receive medical care but are not transported to a hospital. Rep. Steve Barrar (R-Chester/Delaware) said his proposal, House Bill 1013, would allow for reimbursement as long as the […]

House Calls: Navigating the Slippery Slope Between Hospital & Home

Among sweeping changes underway in U.S. healthcare is a brighter spotlight on patients’ transitions from hospital to home. What can be done to reduce readmissions during these vulnerable periods and possibly save billions of dollars in the process? Increasingly, an answer lies with mobile integrated teams of providers, often led […]

Community health centers venture into value-based care to increase access, decrease costs

The 1,400 federally qualified health centers across the U.S. are an essential source of primary-care services for approximately 24.3 million low-income individuals. Yet they are limited by a volume-based reimbursement model that prevents them from participating in outcomes-based care approaches. Medicaid pays the centers a flat rate. Called the prospective […]

BCBS of Georgia to stop covering ED visits it deems unnecessary

Starting next month, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia will no longer cover emergency department services it determines are unnecessary for members with individual plans. The insurer said the policy aims to steer patients with nonemergent symptoms to see a primary care physician, urgent care provider or use its […]

Blue Cross paramedic program cuts ER overuse

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Getting the people who overuse emergency services under control has been an uphill battle, but one major health insurer has been teaming with metro area emergency medical services agencies for over a year to put a dent in the numbers of ER visits by some of its […]

High-Performance EMS: 10 Ways to Build Effective Community Relations

Next to human capital, community trust is one of the most valuable assets for an EMS agency. Building your agency’s community trust takes a concentrated effort and a specific strategy. Richmond Ambulance Authority and MedStar Mobile Healthcare are two examples of AIMHI member agencies that have developed robust community relations. […]

Case Study: Spectrum Health’s Community-based Chronic-disease Management Program

Since 1997, Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, Mich., has provided community-based care through its Healthier Communities initiative. Developed through the merger of two previous programs, Core Health was added in 2008 to provide in-home education on general wellness, including weight and stress control, for patients with early-stage chronic conditions, such […]

Houston Steers Cities Into Reducing ‘Red Lights and Sirens’

For people living in cities, the constant sight of red lights and sound of sirens can be taxing. Their omnipresence can be particularly frustrating given that around 80 percent of calls to 911 aren’t actual emergencies. To cut back on these expensive and often unnecessary trips to the hospital, cities […]