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Experts warn terrorists could use ambulances in future deadly attacks

LONDON — The Taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack in Kabul Saturday. More than 100 people were killed and twice as many were injured when an attacker drove an ambulance packed with explosives into the heart of the city. It’s not hard to buy a used ambulance. CBS News […]

Our EMS won’t come’: Man shot 16 times refused service by EMS

CLEVELAND, Ohio (KTRK) — In shocking body camera video out of Cleveland, police say Cleveland EMS refused to help them transport a man who was shot 16 times to the hospital. Cleveland police said they were forced to cross the border into Euclid to help a bleeding man, so they […]

Apple update brings medical records to the iPhone

After much speculation, Apple is officially bringing medical records onto the iPhone. The company issued an update to its Health app on Wednesday, debuting a new feature that allows users to view their medical records on their phones, according to an announcement. To launch the beta version that features a […]

Hospital Impact—Now’s the time to move to a decentralized care delivery model

Hospitals are in trouble. Why? Because the conventional wisdom on how to respond to the transition from fee-for-service to value-based payment programs does not seem to be working. Consultants insist that consolidation of independent hospitals into regional integrated systems, employing physicians and assuming more financial risk will lead to success. […]

UnitedHealth and Walgreens are mixing urgent care with pharmacy

The tiny suburb of Hilltop, located just north of Minneapolis, is hosting an experimental mash-up of health care services that’s helping to generate buzz on Wall Street. Hilltop is one of more than a dozen locations across the country where pharmacy giant Walgreens has carved out space in its stores […]

Becker’s – CMS launches new bundled payment model: 6 things to know

CMS announced a new voluntary bundled payment model on Tuesday, which is the first advanced alternative payment model introduced by the Trump administration. Here are six things to know about the bundled payment model. 1. The new model, called Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced, includes 32 clinical episodes, with […]