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Ohio Health System Launches EMS-Based Accountable Care Network

28 Jun 2019 8:48 AM | AIMHI Admin (Administrator)

EMSWorld Source Article | Comments courtesy of Matt Zavadsky

Outstanding initiative by the folks in Ohio!  The most recent NAEMT MIH-CP Survey revealed multiple EMS agencies in OH doing MIH-CP programs – coupling those proactive service lines with navigation of patients requesting episodic care through the 911 access point may demonstrate significant value!

Ohio Health System Launches EMS-Based Accountable Care Network


John Erich

Responding to real time-critical emergencies isn’t a big part of EMS providers’ jobs. Most of what we do, truth be told, is provide access to the healthcare system, primarily through transport to an emergency department. 

That gives EMS a unique ethical burden. Callers to 9-1-1 don’t have a choice of ambulance providers; rarely can the direly hurt or ill offer informed consent. This means EMS bears much of the responsibility for ensuring its care is appropriate. In turn, that has obviously large implications for the use of health systems’ finite resources. 

While the latter hasn’t historically been their purview, emergency medical services are well positioned to shape stewardship of those limited dollars. At the junction of planned and unplanned care, hospital and out-of-hospital, EMS is optimally suited to reach patients early, establish directions for further care, and impact much that happens downstream. 


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