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Inside North Carolina’s Big Effort to Transform Health Care

27 Aug 2019 9:56 AM | AIMHI Admin (Administrator)

New York Times Source Article | Comments by Matt Zavadsky

Nice article about North Carolina’s efforts.  Raleigh was one of the 1st EMS systems in the country to deploy EMS-based Mobile Integrated Healthcare with outstanding results!

And, prior to joining BCBS of North Carolina, Dr. Conway was the CMO at CMMI – in meetings with Dr. Conway in that role, we was acutely aware of the impact EMS-based MIH programs were having in their communities – CMMI funded several MIH initiatives with Health Care Innovation Award grants.


Inside North Carolina’s Big Effort to Transform Health Care

By Steve Lohr

Aug. 26, 2019


RALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina seems like an unlikely laboratory for health care reform. It refused to expand Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act, and ranks in the bottom third among states in measures of overall health.

But the state has embarked on one of the country’s most ambitious efforts to transform how health care is defined and paid for.

North Carolina is in the early stages of turning away from the traditional fee-for-service model, in which doctors and hospitals are paid for each office visit, test or operation. Instead, providers will often be paid based on health outcomes like controlling diabetes patients’ blood sugar or heart patients’ cholesterol. The better the providers do, the more they can earn. If they perform poorly, money could eventually come out of their pocket.

The goal is to keep people healthy and out of the hospital and to save money on health care spending.

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