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AIMHI In JEMS: A Community Approach to Disaster Management

5 Nov 2019 11:42 AM | AIMHI Admin (Administrator)

JEMS Source Article by Cindy Green of REMSA

Facing the threat of a disaster or managing the aftermath of such an incident, either natural or manmade, can be tragic. Natural disasters can be prepared for, but ultimately the outcome of such disasters can leave a community without their main lifelines (water/food, shelter and healthcare). Besides the financial burden of restoring order and structure to a community, immediate needs of the public safety and healthcare infrastructure are often times taxing to both local agencies and mutual aid responders alike. Additionally, the communication between government and non-government agencies, as well as local and national responders, directly relates to the success of mitigation efforts. Effective emergency preparedness plans should cross multiple disciplines and outline response efforts from the start of the incident, until the region is back to a steady state.

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