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How Americans want to handle a vaccine

25 Aug 2020 4:54 PM | AIMHI Admin (Administrator)

Axios Source Article | Comments courtesy of Matt Zavadsky

Recall the conversations we’ve been having about whether “EMS” is public safety or healthcare


  • Whenever the first coronavirus vaccine makes it across the finish line, there won't be enough to go around. So experts say two rounds of rationing will be necessary — one to divvy up the available doses around the world, and then another to decide who gets first crack at the U.S.' limited supply.  Most Americans are OK with a domestic priority system but don't think the U.S. should share a vaccine internationally if it's the first country to develop one, according to a new Harris poll shared exclusively with Axios.

    By the numbers: 69% of respondents in the Harris survey said they’d support a priority system for distributing a vaccine within the U.S., while just 31% said they’d prefer a first-come, first-served approach.

  • 66% said that if the U.S. develops a vaccine, it should only be made available abroad after all U.S. orders have been filled; just 34% said it should be made available overseas immediately.

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