Lay-health workers can prevent readmissions among high-risk patients, study finds

Article by Paige Minemyer Hospitals that aim to reduce readmissions among high-risk patients may want to hire lay-health workers, according to a new study.   Researchers at the University of Kentucky piloted such a program at St. Claire Regional Medical Center, a 159-bed rural hospital in Morehead, Ky. Hospitalized adults deemed […]

New program lets hospital patients heal at home

NEW YORK — Roughly $1 trillion per year is spent on hospital care, which is about a third of all health care costs in the U.S. But a new program cuts costs by allowing patients to be treated at home. Dr. David Levine and nurse Kim Tierney of Boston’s Brigham […]

Experts warn terrorists could use ambulances in future deadly attacks

LONDON — The Taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack in Kabul Saturday. More than 100 people were killed and twice as many were injured when an attacker drove an ambulance packed with explosives into the heart of the city. It’s not hard to buy a used ambulance. CBS News […]

Our EMS won’t come’: Man shot 16 times refused service by EMS

CLEVELAND, Ohio (KTRK) — In shocking body camera video out of Cleveland, police say Cleveland EMS refused to help them transport a man who was shot 16 times to the hospital. Cleveland police said they were forced to cross the border into Euclid to help a bleeding man, so they […]